Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tuesday's Healthy Start

Hey guys!
I hope the start of the week is going well!

Now that the sale of our home is done, I am trying to make sure everything in the new place is super neat and tidy.
Everyday I make sure to throw a load of wash in (so it doesn’t pile up and get overwhelming) and I am also starting to vacuum once a day. I find that this helps immensely with the cat hair and my allergies! The new place is quite a bit smaller than our house that we sold, so keeping on top of these daily priorities is so much easier!

On the weekend, my mom and I went to a place that is known for their blueberries. We bought some frozen fruit for our protein shakes this week. I made a shake today that had frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, kale, a banana, almond milk, and my favourite protein powder in it (I love the Body by Vi brand). I felt great starting the day off with such a healthy option! I am trying to eat healthy and green overall, which I find extremely hard because I am definitely not a fan of veggies! I like putting them in my shakes because then I don’t notice that I’m eating them.

If any of you guys have any suggestions on different healthy, green shakes- please let me know!! J

I found an interesting link on POPSUGAR that shows you how to make a great, healthy smoothie! The ingredients are similar to the one that I had this morning- and I must say, the extra items they included sound pretty good!



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