Friday, 13 June 2014

Favourite Friday- Brand Edition

Hey guys!!
I can't believe it's already the weekend AND Favourite Friday!

This week went so well! It was the perfect summer week. We did get a bit of rain but overall the weather was so nice! :)

I have recently become obsessed with the Kate Somerville Skincare Line. I love how it works great with my sensitive skin, and how each of the products that I’ve used have transformed my skin in so many ways. I find that my skin is now blemish free, hydrated, and glowy since I started to use this line. I purchased the line at Sephora.

Favourite Friday- Best Overall Brand Edition 

Here are the products from Kate Somerville that I have and that I’ve fallen in love with:

Quench Hydrating Mask

I LOVE this mask!!! It is by far the most moisturizing mask I have ever used! You leave it on for 5-10 minutes and your face feels amazing afterwards.

Oil Free Moisturizer
This moisturizer is great for daily use. It isn't heavy, it absorbs quickly and my face feels hydrated all day.

Nourish Daily Moisturizer
I use this moisturizer every night before bed. It's a bit thicker than the oil free daily moisturizer, but it definitely is not heavy. Love it!

Gentle Daily Wash
This face wash is amazing! It is so gentle and it makes my skin feel like silk! It doesn't make me break out and it seems to brighten my skin. 

I  hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I hope that you get to try this amazing line!



  1. I've heard about this line before--- many people recommend it. I really want to try it. which one do you recommend more? the oil free or the night one? cheers!!!!

    1. I would recommend the oil free daily moisturizer. It's so light and you can use it at night as well. :)

    Im so glad you wrote about them. I use the acne line often, they work amazing :O