Thursday, 29 May 2014

Stormy Days...

Hey guys!! 
We’ve had a couple of rainy, stormy days. 
Tuesday’s storm was pretty bad. There were funnel clouds spotted and the winds were quite intense.

I captured some photos and a video of the weather to share with you guys! J

Rain, rain go away....

The last two photos are from yesterday's storm. 


Monday, 26 May 2014



Thank you SO MUCH for your patience these last few weeks. I know my posts were few and far between, but I am all yours now!!

After a successful move, the hubby and I are getting back into a normal routine again!
No more stressing over anything house related!

It wasn’t as sad leaving the house as we both thought it would be. We were more excited to move on and stop focusing solely on the house.

It's really weird to see how empty it is... it actually seems a lot smaller without the furniture. 

Last time locking up our first home!

After moving into our temporary home for this year, I was SO happy to fit the majority of our clothes into the small closet- thank goodness!!

Here is a glimpse of the closet that I am so proud of! Haha!!

It's cramped...but it fits!! Haha!

After cleaning the new place and organize everything perfectly, I can relax! 

Maybe I'll read a book...or BLOG as often as I did again! :)


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Just to let you know...

Hey guys!!
Sorry I haven't been blogging lately! 
Things have gotten extremely busy and time consuming with the move, and at the moment I am focusing 100% on all of that. 

I am happy to say that I am ALMOST done packing everything. 
We still need to wrap the furniture to protect it during the move on Saturday, and we are busy getting things ready to go for Saturday! 
Only 4 more days in this house- the sadness of moving hasn't hit me yet (thankfully). 
I'm sure on the moving day I'll be a bit of a wreck, haha! 
Once things settle down I will get back to blogging often and the recipe posts will definitely increase! I have many new recipes to share with you guys! :)

Thanks for hanging in there during this busy time...
I really appreciate your patience!!


Friday, 2 May 2014

Favourite Friday- iPhone App Edition

Hey everyone!
I can’t believe the weekend is here already!
Today was such a nice day. I went to bingo with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for her 18th birthday! I had never been to bingo before (the last time I played was 12 years old during French week in school). It was so much fun! It’s a whole other world at bingo; people take their bingo playing quite seriously, and I was surprised at how many people were there (it was only 2:00). At first I had a hard time figuring it all out, but once I got the hang of it I loved every minute of it!

After today’s entertainment and after doing a bit more packing, I realized that I almost forgot about Favourite Friday!

 Today’s Favourite Friday post is all about iPhone Apps. I must admit that I am addicted to my iPhone. There is so much to do on it, so many updates from social apps, and there are so many different games to occupy your time. 

Here are a few of my favourite apps that I have on my phone:

Favourite Friday- iPhone App Edition

I love this app because it helps me keep track what I am eating and also what vitamins I’ve taken. It also allows you to track how much water you’ve consumed, and it has a diet option to calculate how many calories you require in a day. It’s a great, easy tool that I have become dependent on.

This app is great for any pictures you want to edit or revamp. My brother had originally informed me of this app, and it’s a great tool to have if you take lots of pictures like I do. J

Web MD
I LOVE this app. For any ailment or health concern, there is a symptom checker that will narrow down any possible conditions. It’s easy to navigate around and is also very informative.

This app is so much fun! What’s so cool about this app is that there are many different games that improve cognitive ability, and they’re SO much fun! This app is great when you need a distraction.

Let me know what iPhone apps are your favourite! :)