Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Packing Up

Hey guys!!
Sorry for the delay in posting, things have been so busy with the upcoming move!

I hope the start of the week has been as productive for you as mine has been! I have put aside my procrastination, and I have dedicated the last couple days to working hard on packing. 
At first it was tedious, but after a few hours it became the ultimate goal to pack as many boxes as possible. 
After going through each drawer and cabinet, I’ve come to the conclusion that we have WAY TOO MANY things. Items that I had purchased years ago have finally been found, and things that I definitely do not need have also appeared. 
I must admit… my donation pile is growing bigger by the minute! 

Here is a glimpse of the chaos I’ve been immersed in for the last couple of days…

Yes...this is all tea...I think it needs a box on it's own! Haha!

The dreaded hanger pile...after finally packing up all of my clothes, now I'm left with this! I don't even no how to approach this situation! LOL

Panda and Ollie have been SO accommodating when packing...NOT. They have been in every box, gnawed on any possible item sitting out, and they are being quite rebellious when it comes to this move! Haha!

I can't wait until this move is done with!!!!!!!


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