Monday, 10 March 2014

The Signs of Spring

Hey everyone!
I hope the start of the week is treating you well! It’s always hard to get back into the hang of things after a relaxing weekend!

Today I decided to venture out to my moms to enjoy the weather and let a little bit of spring into my life. I was happy when I arrived to see that my mom the same idea. She got a head start on her outdoor décor, and I must say, I was impressed!

My mom lives on the water, and today’s sun really made the scenery absolutely beautiful.

I love visiting her!

We are just 10 days away from the first day of spring!!!

Is anyone else as excited as I am!? 
You can usually tell when spring has arrived at my house because of the excessive cleaning and bright coloured décor! 

How are you getting ready for the warm weather?


  1. Very nice pictures! Your mom has a lovely yard. Id love to live on the water!

    1. Thank you! Ill have to tell her you said that! It looks beautiful in the spring with the foliage!